Why a CRC is needed

Australian industries are challenged by the need to transition to a nature positive economy to meet national and international government and market expectations and increasing regulation. The Nature Positive Economy CRC will address this with an industry-led world-class research and commercialisation program. Working with new compliance and voluntary frameworks, the CRC will develop the transition pathways that industry needs.

Australian industries must become ‘nature positive’ to meet expectations under recent international agreements and to remain competitive, productive and resilient. To become nature positive, they will need to be repairing and regenerating the natural systems they impact rather than contributing to their decline (Dept Climate Change Energy Environment & Water, 2022).

 And while the Nature Repair Act 2023 “establishes a framework for a world-first, legislated, national, voluntary biodiversity market” (DCCEEW) and the Australian Carbon Credit Unit Scheme (ACCU) “supports projects that avoid the release of greenhouse gas or remove and sequester carbon from the atmosphere”, Australian Industry still needs a way to gather the science-based knowledge, mechanisms and tools for organisations to confidently invest in and scale up their decarbonisation strategies and nature repair activities.


The Nature Positive Economy CRC brings together first movers in nature-impacting, nature-dependent, capital intensive and enabling industry sectors with high quality researchers to maximise impact.

 Together, we will identify how nature technology and service suppliers can best service this market and provide financial organisations with the tools they need to prove their green credentials, avoiding greenwashing. We will also work with clusters of Australian businesses to develop case studies for these tools demonstrating how they can achieve commercial, environmental and social success.


The outcome of the Nature Positive Economy CRC will be capable and confident business communities ready to help Australia build a 21st century economy that achieves jobs and growth outcomes and positively impacts nature and humanity.

  • Protected market access for Australian industries domestically and internationally
  • Private investment attracted to the nature repair sector
  • Scaled, trusted system for protecting and repairing natural capital
  • Major contributions made to Australian and global environmental and net-zero targets

Key questions we will address through this CRC

What do we need to do in Australia to get our economy climate, nature, and people positive? 

What are the pathways for us to achieve this transformation? 

CRC Program Round 25 Expected Timeline

January 2024

Stage 1 Opened

March 2024

Stage 1 Closed

June 2024

Stage 1 Outcomes

June 2024

Stage 2 Opening

August 2024

Stage 2 Closing

December 2024

Outcomes Announced

About Cooperative Research Centres

The Australian Government CRC Program provides grants to teams of industry organisations and universities with a high-quality program with high-impact research goals. The CRC program provides cash funding (up to 50 percent of the total CRC cost) to successful proposals that aim to “improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries”.

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We are seeking feedback on the key elements of success for this proposal for a national, translational research centre that supports Australia’s transition to a nature positive economy.

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