Airborne Logic Joins the Nature Positive Economy CRC as a New Partner

October 25, 2023

Bridging the Gap Between Nature and Technology

We’re thrilled to announce AirborneLogic as the newest partner in the Nature Positive Economy CRC (Cooperative Research Centre). Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Airborne Logic specializes in remote sensing and data analytics across diverse sectors such as horticulture, agriculture, and natural resources.


Unmatched Technological Capabilities

Leveraging cutting-edge camera, instrument, and drone technology, AirborneLogic captures highly accurate and precise imagery and data for its national client base. The partnership with the CRC will amplify the company’s capabilities to measure natural capital swiftly and repeatedly, thereby contributing invaluable data to measure vegetation and land feature changes over time within the Australian landscape.


What Motivated AirborneLogic to Join the Nature Positive Economy CRC?

Airborne Logic is in sync with the Nature Positive Economy CRC’s mission to accelerate the measurement and accountability of natural capital. “Our systems are built on precision and accuracy, and we already assist landholders in accurately measuring change over time for both agriculture and carbon projects,” says a representative from AirborneLogic.


The company is keen to extend its research and development capabilities to assist landholders in measuring natural capital across a multitude of landscapes. This will create a resilient future economy built on measurable, repeatable, and actionable nature-based information.


The Thrilling Prospects of the Partnership

When asked what excites them most about joining the Nature Positive Economy CRC, AirborneLogic pointed to the potential for on-the-ground, positive action for natural capital in the context of a changing climate. They are looking forward to collaborating with industry experts and researchers to make a tangible impact.


Meet the Team: Andy Chambers, Managing Director

Andy Chambers, Managing Director, AirborneLogic Pty Ltd

Andy is an experienced environment, water, and sustainable agriculture manager with over thirty years of expertise that includes government roles in forestry, water resources, and natural resource management. As a business owner, he understands the intricacies of sustainability from a commercial perspective and has a deep background in land and sustainable agriculture. Leading a team of technology and computing experts, Andy is committed to commercializing agritechnology R&D for the benefit of landholders.


Looking Forward

The addition of AirborneLogic and their accomplished Managing Director, Andy Chambers, to the Nature Positive Economy CRC team augments our capacity to make meaningful strides in understanding and preserving our natural environment. Together, we are working toward a future where technology and nature coalesce to create a resilient and sustainable landscape for generations to come.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership!


Are you interested in becoming a partner with the Nature Positive Economy CRC? Reach out to us to explore collaboration opportunities.

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