AirSeed Technologies Partners with Nature Positive Economy CRC: Revolutionising Ecosystem Restoration

February 21, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that AirSeed has joined the Nature Positive Economy CRC as a new partner, bringing groundbreaking innovations to ecosystem restoration and biodiversity recovery. With a mission to revolutionise the restoration of biodiversity at scale, AirSeed combines patented seed pod technology, drone fleets, advanced analytics, and AI-driven remote sensing to transform mine site rehabilitation, natural disaster recovery, and more.

Meet the Team

AirSeed‘s diverse team, including engineers, ecologists, data scientists, and compliance experts, drives their success in delivering large-scale ecological restoration projects. Dr. Charlotte Mills, AirSeed‘s Chief Ecologist, leads the ecology department with over a decade of experience. Charlotte’s enthusiasm for contributing to Nature Positive Economy CRC projects underscores AirSeed‘s commitment to leveraging their expertise for significant environmental impact.

Aligned Goals and Motivation

AirSeed‘s decision to partner with the Nature Positive Economy CRC stems from a shared vision for a sustainable future and the compelling opportunities within the CRC’s Innovation, Measuring, & Tracking and Identifying Priorities & Evaluation programs. This collaboration is a natural fit for AirSeed, aiming to enhance restoration practices and support financial mechanisms that back landscape restoration.

Excitement for Collaboration and Innovation

The team at AirSeed is particularly excited about the potential for collaborative projects with other CRC partners. They see vast opportunities to apply their technology and expertise in new ways to increase biodiversity, tackle barriers to ecosystem restoration, and develop robust metrics for environmental reporting. AirSeed looks forward to contributing to transparent, scalable solutions that support a nature-positive economy through innovative restoration practices and data-driven insights.


A Future of Impactful Restoration


This partnership signifies a step forward in our shared journey toward restoring Australia’s landscapes and biodiversity. With AirSeed on board, the Nature Positive Economy CRC is poised to lead transformative projects that showcase how technology and collaboration can achieve significant environmental outcomes.


Stay tuned for updates on our collaborative efforts with AirSeed Technologies and other partners as we work together to build a sustainable, regenerative future.

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