Aither Joins Forces with Nature Positive Economy CRC: A Partnership for Better Decisions

March 19, 2024

In a significant move towards fostering a sustainable future, Aither, a Ricardo company, has announced its intention to partner with the Nature Positive Economy Cooperative Research Centre (CRC). This collaboration marks a pivotal step in advancing globally significant decisions that affect water, infrastructure, cities, agriculture, and the environment.


A Shared Vision for Impact

Aither‘s mission to guide governments and businesses in making informed, impactful decisions resonates deeply with the objectives of the Nature Positive Economy CRC. With natural systems facing unprecedented strain, the urgency for clear, evidence-based strategies has never been higher. Aither‘s expertise in economics, policy, and strategy positions it as a crucial ally in the CRC’s mission to transition towards a nature positive economy.


Meet the Team

Nic Lansdell


Nic Lansdell, an Associate Director, brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical prowess to the table. With a keen focus on environmental markets, Nic’s work spans strategies that enhance investment in natural capital and promote the circular economy, to designing policy solutions. Her work managing pilots and testing online marketplaces often involves connecting academic ideas with government and people on the ground and provides her with unique insight into what is needed for markets to work and what can make them fail. 

Justin Story

Justin Story, an Associate Director, specialises in leveraging strategy, policy, economics, and finance to deliver insights that guide better investment decision-making. Justin focuses on opportunities to accelerate the scale and efficacy of investments in nature, including innovative business models and investment strategies for natural capital investments. His expertise will support transforming the insights from the CRC partnership into real-world applications with a lasting impact.

Martijn Gough


Martijn Gough, an economist and public policy specialist, rounds out the team as an Associate Director. With extensive experience in addressing environmental policy challenges, Martijn’s work has significantly influenced climate change adaptation, emergency management, and natural capital investment markets. His ability to navigate complex policy landscapes makes him an invaluable asset to Aither and the CRC partnership.

A Unified Goal

Aither‘s alignment with the Nature Positive Economy CRC is driven by a mutual commitment to overcoming the challenges of achieving a nature positive economy. This collaboration is fueled by the shared belief in the power of collective effort to enact meaningful change.

What Excites Aither About the Partnership?

Aither is enthusiastic about collaborating on initiatives that scale the impact of nature positive markets. This includes designing co-investment processes, facilitating broader participation in nature conservation, and developing platforms that connect caretakers of nature with investors.

The partnership also opens avenues for leveraging Aither‘s insights into market preparedness, trust-building, and confidence in nature-related markets. By combining efforts with the CRC’s expertise in data and outcome modelling, this collaboration aims to establish a solid foundation for a sustainable, nature-positive future.

Looking Ahead

As Aither joins forces with the Nature Positive Economy CRC, the partnership stands as a beacon of hope for making better, more informed decisions that safeguard our planet. Through strategic collaboration and shared ambition, Aither and the CRC are poised to drive significant advancements in environmental sustainability and economic resilience.

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