Announcing Val.Ai as Nature Positive Economy CRC’s First Partner

September 8, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Val.Ai is officially the first signed partner of Nature Positive Economy CRC. This partnership represents a major milestone in our collective journey toward a more sustainable, nature-positive future.

Who is Val.Ai?

Val.Ai is a globally recognized leader in climate technology, specializing in leveraging cutting-edge tools like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning algorithms, open banking, and aerial imagery analysis. Their innovative technology suite provides homeowners and investors with actionable insights to report, understand, and tackle their emissions.

What Does Val.Ai Bring to the Table?

By incorporating climate action directly into customer experiences, Val.Ai offers a range of services, including dynamic whole-home sustainability ratings, energy efficiency scores, and access to vetted marketplaces for carbon offsets and suppliers. The company is deeply entrenched in the financial and property sectors, making it possible for homeowners to improve not just their energy efficiency, but also the market value of their properties. In short, they aim to contribute to a world that goes beyond net-zero emissions.

Why Val.Ai?

Val.Ai’s commitment to environmental responsibility is not merely a tagline but an intrinsic part of their organizational DNA. Their willingness to lead in the arena of climate technology, coupled with their awareness of market opportunities, makes them an ideal partner for us. What’s more, Val.Ai ardently believes in the power of multidisciplinary collaboration to usher in positive, long-lasting changes in the sustainability landscape.

Meet The Team

Val.Ai’s seasoned leadership and technical team will be instrumental in our partnership:

Allys Todd MAICD, Co-Founder & CEO: A shared value partnership specialist, Allys has been honored with a Prime Minister’s Award for Community and Business Partnership and has an extensive career in climate impact and nature conservation.

Tom Reed MAICD, Co-Founder & COO: With over 20 years in property valuation and senior leadership roles across various sectors, Tom is dedicated to linking biodiversity to market values.

Tom Reed, Prof. Andrew Lowe and Allys Todd<br />

Tom Reed, Prof. Andrew Lowe and Allys Todd

Our Shared Vision and Future Plans

We envision this partnership an important step towards achieving our shared objectives around environmental stewardship and sustainable living. Val.Ai will contribute key technical expertise to various projects, potentially commercializing new digital platforms, algorithms, and digitized engagement tools that offer auditability and traceability to the ecosystem.

Val.Ai also brings in technology contributions, including advanced workstations and cloud-based software solutions that are integral for data analytics and machine learning.

Join us in welcoming Val.Ai into our community and watch this space for updates on our groundbreaking collaborations!


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