Arid Recovery Joins Nature Positive Economy CRC: Pioneering Conservation in Australia’s Arid Lands

February 19, 2024

We are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Arid Recovery, a leading independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of Australia’s unique arid lands. Operating a 123 km² wildlife reserve in South Australia’s arid north, Arid Recovery is at the forefront of ecological restoration and species conservation, making them an invaluable partner for the Nature Positive Economy CRC.


Revolutionising Arid Land Management and Conservation

Arid Recovery‘s mission is to pioneer conservation science, focusing on the reintroduction of native wildlife and the management of Australia’s arid ecosystems. Their work, particularly around researching and mitigating the impact of feral predators, is crucial for the survival and thriving of threatened species across the Australian outback.


Goals and Aspirations: Beyond the Outback

The primary goal of Arid Recovery is to delve into the effectiveness of feral predators and develop targeted control strategies. This research is not only vital for the conservation efforts within South Australia but also has the potential to benefit wildlife conservation efforts across Australia.

Meet the Team: Dr. Katherine Tuft, and Dr. Katherine Moseby, Leading Conservation Forward

Leading Arid Recovery is Dr. Katherine Tuft, the Chief Executive, who oversees operations, the science program, and community engagement. Kath’s expertise in conservation ecology, coupled with her experience in mammal conservation across northern Australia, drives the organisation’s mission.


Joining Kath in steering Arid Recovery‘s scientific endeavours is Dr. Katherine Moseby, Principal Scientist and co-founder. Katherine’s foundational role in establishing the reserve and her ongoing leadership in the science program underscore the organisation’s commitment to innovative conservation strategies.


Joining Forces with Nature Positive Economy CRC

Arid Recovery’s commitment to revitalising Australia’s arid ecosystems aligns perfectly with the goals of the Nature Positive Economy CRC. Their pioneering work in reintroducing locally extinct species and research on arid ecosystem restoration is a testament to what can be achieved through dedication and innovation. Joining the CRC, Arid Recovery looks forward to applying and expanding their research to restore biodiversity at scale across Australia’s vast arid zone.


A Shared Vision for a Sustainable Future

What excites Arid Recovery about partnering with the Nature Positive Economy CRC is the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse network of land managers, conservationists, First Peoples, industry, and pastoralists. Together, we aim to demonstrate how integrated efforts can yield significant gains for nature through innovative market instruments.


This partnership marks a significant step towards our collective mission to build a sustainable, nature-positive future. With Arid Recovery‘s expertise and the collaborative framework of the Nature Positive Economy CRC, we are set to make strides in conservation and land management that respect and enrich our natural world.


Stay tuned for updates on this exciting collaboration and the impactful initiatives we will undertake together.

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