Carbon Market Institute: Spearheading the Transition to a Nature Positive Economy with the Nature Positive Economy CRC

March 6, 2024

The Nature Positive Economy CRC is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with the Carbon Market Institute (CMI), a leader in driving the transition to net-zero emissions through market-based solutions. As an independent, member-based institute, CMI plays a pivotal role in accelerating climate action and supporting Australia’s journey towards a sustainable, net-zero future.


Accelerating Climate Action: CMI’s Vision

CMI is committed to facilitating a rapid transition to net-zero emissions, focusing on building capacity, promoting best practices in decarbonization, and developing supportive policy and regulatory frameworks. Their mission is clear: to harness market-based solutions and advocate for credible climate strategies to limit global warming to 1.5°C.


Objectives Aligned for Impact

CMI‘s objectives are closely aligned with the goals of the Nature Positive Economy CRC, emphasising the urgent need for corporate and industrial emission reductions, the development of high-integrity carbon crediting frameworks, and the advancement of domestic and international policy for scalable climate action.

Meet the Team: John Connor, Leading Climate Action

John Connor, CEO of the Carbon Market Institute, brings over 30 years of experience in public and private policy focused on climate action. With a rich background that includes leading the Climate Institute and directing the Secretariat for the Fijian Government’s COP23 Presidency, John’s strategic and inclusive approach to driving genuine change is invaluable. His leadership at CMI, guiding around 150 member companies toward net-zero emissions, underscores his commitment to building strategic partnerships and evidence-based solutions for climate challenges.

A Shared Mission for a Nature Positive Future

CMI‘s collaboration with the Nature Positive Economy CRC is fueled by a shared urgency to address climate change and biodiversity loss. Recognizing the critical role of high-integrity market-based solutions in mobilising finance towards nature and climate positive outcomes, CMI views this partnership as an opportunity to synergize efforts across the supply chain, from industry to finance, in facilitating an equitable transition to a nature and climate positive economy.


Looking Forward: Collaborative Innovation and Impact

CMI is particularly excited about engaging across all four thematic research programs of the CRC. By acting as a knowledge broker and leveraging the expertise of its 150 business members, CMI aims to support comprehensive research that spans the full supply chain. This collaboration is poised to significantly contribute to the development of a National Nature Positive Transition Roadmap, aligning with CMI‘s advocacy for a National Carbon Market Strategy and reducing fragmentation in the transition to a sustainable future.

Join us in welcoming the Carbon Market Institute to the Nature Positive Economy CRC. Together, we are set to drive meaningful change, leveraging innovative solutions and collaborative efforts to achieve a nature-positive economy.

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