Eco-Markets Australia Partners with Nature Positive Economy CRC to Revolutionise Environmental Conservation

January 25, 2024

We are proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Eco-Markets Australia and Nature Positive Economy CRC, a union that brings six years of voluntary environmental market experience.


Eco-Markets Australia: A Trailblazer in Environmental Markets 

Eco-Markets Australia stands as the nation’s first independent environmental markets administrator.. Through their administration of crediting schemes, they not only measure and value but also financially reward the environmental contributions of land managers.


Bridging Environmental Challenges and Solutions 

Eco-Markets Australia believes that environmental markets are an exciting new financing mechanism to address pressing environmental challenges.. They administer environmental market infrastructure that quantifies and verifies environmental outcomes and turns these into a tradeable credits.


The Role of Eco-Markets Australia in Environmental Markets 

Eco-Markets Australia’s administrative role is multi-faceted. They oversee standards and accredit methodologies, register projects, and issue credits through their Registry. They provide a simple, accessible, and scalable way to invest in verified environmental outcomes.


“Meet the Team”: Maree Adshead, A Collaborative  Leader 

At the helm of Eco-Markets Australia is Maree Adshead, a collaborative leader with a diverse background in law, business, and advisory roles. Maree’s energy and commitment to fostering genuine relationships and engagement are key to her leadership success. Her experience as a CEO, business founder, and legal advisor makes her an asset to Eco-Markets Australia and its goals.


Eco-Markets Australia’s Vision with Nature Positive Economy CRC 

The partnership with Nature Positive Economy CRC presents a thrilling opportunity to scale the water-quality market and contribute significantly to cleaner water that benefits our environment, economy and communities. Eco-Markets Australia is excited to bring its expertise in market standards and nature financing to the table. Together, we aim to build a robust and thriving nature-positive economy in Australia.


Looking Ahead: Building a Sustainable Future 

Eco-Markets Australia’s collaboration with Nature Positive Economy CRC is a testament to their dedication to creating a sustainable future. Their focus on market integrity, trust, and investor attraction will be instrumental in advancing the understanding and value of natural capital.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey with Eco-Markets Australia, forging a path towards a more sustainable and nature-positive economy. Stay tuned for more updates on our collaborative efforts and the impact we aim to create together.

 Partnership for a Sustainable Future

The partnership between Nature Positive Economy CRC and ALCA is poised to create a powerful impact in the field of conservation. By combining the strengths of both organisations, this collaboration aims to foster a sustainable future where nature and people thrive..

Nature isn’t just a ‘nice to have’, it underpins our very existence. As industry and the private sector deepen their understanding of nature’s role and value – and what we all stand to lose if we don’t look after it – we are starting to see an evolving focus on identifying nature impacts and dependencies. ALCA is excited by the momentum this can create for transformational shifts in relationships with the natural environment, and the opportunities it can bring to scale the critical work of the private land conservation sector.” – Dr. Jody Dunn

We look forward to working alongside ALCA and other partners in our mission to create a Nature Positive Economy. Stay tuned for more updates on our joint efforts in conservation and environmental sustainability.

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