Cheryl Hayman, a key member of the Nature Positive Economy CRC Bid Advisory Committee, is renowned for her expertise in the agribusiness, food, manufacturing  and supply chain sectors of business in Australia, NZ and the UK. Bringing over three decades of industry experience Cheryl skilfully addresses external challenges with practical, thoughtful and effective solutions.

She is a seasoned Non executive director, hailing from a consumer marketing corporate career. As an independent director Cheryl has worked across multiple and varied industries, regions and sectors including food and agriculture, consumables, health, education, logistics and technology for publicly  listed, unlisted and non profit organisations, 

Throughout her career, Cheryl has been committed to turning strategic goals into actionable results. She has led impactful initiatives across businesses, always ensuring that solutions are beneficial for ecosystems, social impact and appropriate for local communities.

Cheryl’s skills extend to strategic financing of business projects. Her talent for converting scientific research and customer insights and data into persuasive proposals and effectively communicating with different stakeholders has been key to achieving real-world improvements in product and services.

More than her accomplishments, it’s Cheryl’s passion for the natural world that further defines her. She’s an advocate for biodiversity conservation and climate action, using her engaging presence and involvement in professional forums and the boardroom to motivate and educate others.

In her role with the CRC, Cheryl bridges the gap between environmental objectives and economic realities. Her dedication, coupled with a pragmatic approach and strong communication skills, makes her a crucial contributor to the CRC’s mission and a guiding force for a future where nature and the economy coexist sustainably.