Dr Chris Matthews

Industry Engagement Advisor

Chris is an experienced industry executive, research business development leader and scientist. He has worked for over a decade with researchers and industry in hydrogen, geophysics, electrification, mining, geology and geothermal energy. He has been able to use his technical understanding of a range of technologies to apply knowledge strategically, assisting both industry and university academics to work together, generating multidisciplinary and complex projects. He has industry experience in mining, exploration, environment, education, energy technology, science communications and renewable energy. Co-founder and founding CEO of ASX-listed Torrens Energy Ltd from 2006-2008, he also has experience as a senior executive in the energy sector, and as a pioneer in geothermal resource definition in Australia.

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We are in the consultation phase and seeking your feedback on the key elements of success for a national, translational research centre that supports Australia’s transition to a nature positive economy.

During bid development, we will be seeking partners to provide a commitment of intent to engage with and support this CRC.

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