Professor Ian Overton is a passionate about sustainable advancement, combining science, business acumen and public service to steer Australia towards a greener future. As a distinguished figure in environmental initiatives, Ian’s vast experience and balanced perspective significantly enrich the Nature Positive Economy CRC Bid Advisory Committee.

Ian’s career trajectory is marked by notable achievements and responsible leadership roles in government sectors, earning acclaim for his adept management of projects and ability to build strong stakeholder relationships. His entrepreneurial flair is evident in awards recognising his contributions to technology innovation and commercialisation, demonstrating his knack for creating practical, impactful solutions.

A respected scientist with a solid research background, Ian is known for his evidence-based approach, making him a reliable advisor in environmental matters. His expertise in understanding complex environmental challenges and devising effective strategies is crucial in guiding the transition to a Nature Positive Economy. Ian’s skill in transforming intricate issues into actionable strategies is pivotal in driving sustainable progress.

Beyond theoretical contributions, Ian actively champions the Nature Positive Economy through practical endeavours. As the Chief Executive of Green Industries SA, he leads South Australia’s ambitious shift towards a circular economy. He also imparts his knowledge as a Professor of Geography at the University of Adelaide, embedding sustainability into academic dialogue. Ian’s foresight and leadership were foundational in the early development of the Nature Positive Economy CRC Bid, setting the stage for this ground-breaking initiative.

In summary, Professor Ian Overton is a vital figure in the Nature Positive Economy movement. His blend of practical wisdom and scientific integrity positions him as a key contributor to the CRC, guiding the journey towards a future where economic growth and environmental stewardship coexist seamlessly.