Rick Klink

Industry Engagement Advisor

Rick is a technology specialist with over 20 years of experience in the Financial Services industry. In 2000 he founded Paritech which provides exchange trading and investing technology both in Australia and globally, then in 2013 he co-founded OpenMarkets, now Australia’s largest independent Australian stockbroking firm with a turnover of approximately $5 billion per month. In 2019 he co-founded RegenCo to focus on helping regenerate Australian and international nature capital assets. RegenCo leverages the latest technologies to drive the scaling of carbon sequestration solutions and is currently the largest independent carbon project proponent in Australia. To assist in driving de-carbonisation of the transport industry, Rick also co-founded Evansa.earth in 2022, focusing on generating EV carbon credits to fund large-scale rollout of both electric vehicles and the associated charging infrastructure. 

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We are in the consultation phase and seeking your feedback on the key elements of success for a national, translational research centre that supports Australia’s transition to a nature positive economy.

During bid development, we will be seeking partners to provide a commitment of intent to engage with and support this CRC.

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