Robert Waterworth, a distinguished figure in the field of land sector monitoring and management, brings over two decades of experience to the Nature Positive Economy CRC. His expertise lies in greenhouse gas estimation and policy development, where he has demonstrated an exceptional ability to understand and develop operational systems that integrate policy requirements with technical solutions.

Currently, Robert is the Founder and Chief Science & Innovation Officer at FLINTpro, where he has been instrumental in the development of new international monitoring tools for forestry and agriculture. This includes FLINTpro, the world’s first SaaS-based integration and reporting system designed to maximize the utility of remote sensing data. These tools are critical in enhancing the accessibility and quality of information, thereby supporting policy development and improving land management practices.

Over the years, Robert has worked across various scales, from project-specific tasks to national-level systems. His work has been pivotal in designing and developing several operational land sector inventories, emissions projection systems, and technical processes. These contributions have significantly supported emissions trading and policy formulation.

In 2007, Robert was part of a team awarded the Eureka Prize, Australia’s premier science prize, for developing integrated remote sensing and ground data systems.

Robert’s professional journey is marked by a blend of research, technical system design, policy support, program management, and international negotiations. He has worked for universities, as a consultant, and for state and federal governments, gaining a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in policy-making and technical system implementation.

He is currently serving as the Co-director at moja global, where he has been for over 7 years, contributing next-generation tools for estimating emissions and removals of greenhouse gases from the land sector.

Robert has provided strategic, policy, and technical advice to various entities, including national governments, NGOs, and private businesses. His role at FLINTpro underscores his deep understanding of sustainable forest and land sector policies and practices.