Griffith University Partners with Nature Positive Economy CRC to Forge a Sustainable Future

March 5, 2024

Griffith University, a distinguished institution ranked in the top 2% worldwide, has officially joined forces with the Nature Positive Economy Cooperative Research Centre (NPE CRC). Renowned for its commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice, Griffith University brings its world-class research capabilities to the forefront of efforts to understand our world and improve people’s lives.


Aligned Vision and Values


Griffith University‘s partnership with the NPE CRC is a natural extension of its long-standing commitment to sustainability and climate change education. Since its inception, Griffith has been at the cutting edge of environmental research, and its Climate Action Beacon, launched in 2020, underscores this dedication. The university’s involvement in the NPE CRC builds on this legacy, aiming to further consolidate its leadership in climate change and biodiversity research.


A Critical Decade for Climate Action


The urgency of the next decade cannot be overstated. It represents a pivotal period for Australia and the global community to expedite the transition to a net-zero emissions economy and bolster our climate resilience. The NPE CRC offers a unique platform for leading experts and partners from various disciplines to come together and tackle this pressing challenge. Griffith University is particularly excited about the opportunity to contribute to the development of market infrastructure for biodiversity credit trading, as envisioned under the recently passed Nature Repair Market Bill.

Meet Professor Chris Fleming

At the heart of Griffith University‘s participation in the NPE CRC is Professor Chris Fleming, Dean (Research) at the Griffith Business School. With a rich background in economics and a focus on the sustainable management of natural resources and environmental economics, Professor Fleming’s work is pivotal to understanding and addressing the economic aspects of sustainability.


His involvement with the Climate Action Beacon and his extensive research on sustainable development pathways for Small Island Developing States highlight his commitment to finding solutions for some of the most pressing environmental challenges. Professor Fleming’s expertise in natural resource and environmental economics, climate change economics, and the economic determinants of well-being will be invaluable to the NPE CRC’s mission.

A Collaborative Future

The partnership between Griffith University and the Nature Positive Economy CRC is a testament to the power of collaboration in addressing the environmental crises of our time. By pooling resources, knowledge, and expertise, Griffith University and the NPE CRC aim to drive significant advancements in sustainability and climate action, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting collaboration and the impactful initiatives that will emerge from this partnership.

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