NPECRC Partner Network Community Square Episode 1 – Andy Chambers

September 12, 2023

About this Episode:  Welcome to the inaugural episode of Nature Positive Economy CRC’s Community Square, hosted by Professor Andy Lowe. 

Today we kickstart a series of Community Squares aimed at addressing pressing industry challenges and issues. Our mission is to create a fair, meaningful, and lasting impact by shaping robust markets for carbon offsetting, biodiversity credit trading, and more.

Broad Spectrum of Natural Capital Market: We’ll be exploring issues and case studies across various sectors—from investors to market makers, tech developers, research, and project delivery.

Special Guest – Andy Chambers: Joining us is Andy Chambers from Airborne Logic, a pioneer in remote sensing and data analytics focusing on climate change and environmental impact.

Interactive Session: Towards the end, our CRC partners will be asking questions, adding depth to the discussion and making it a well-rounded conversation.

Why Watch?  Get insights into how remote sensing and data analytics are revolutionizing our approach to environmental challenges. You won’t want to miss the valuable information our guest expert has to share.

What’s Next?  As we build momentum towards our Australian Government funding submission in March 2024, every dialogue and partnership brings us closer to realizing our vision of a Nature Positive Economy.

Get Involved: Enjoyed this episode? Consider joining us as a partner in this initiative. Stay tuned for more enlightening discussions on topics that matter to you.

Thank You: Big thanks to Andy Chambers and our CRC partners for adding layers of depth and insight to the conversation.

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