NPECRC Partner Network Community Square Episode 2 – Wendy Mackay & Jay Hender

September 12, 2023

About this Episode:  Welcome to the second episode of Nature Positive Economy CRC’s Community Square, hosted by Professor Andy Lowe. 

In today’s episode, we delve into the groundbreaking initiatives and collaborations shaping the future of natural capital markets. We’re on a mission to create lasting, equitable change in how we value and repair nature, and we’re doing it with the collective effort of our invaluable partners.

Spotlight on ‘Market Maker’ Group: We focus on the Market Maker group—the engine driving natural capital markets. We’re joined by two leading experts:

1️⃣ Wendy Mackay – Managing Director at Pollination Group, a specialist firm aimed at accelerating the transition to Net Zero and Nature Positive.

2️⃣ Jay Hender – Head of Business Development at Climate Friendly, supporting over 160 Nature Repair projects.

Invaluable Insights: These visionaries offer crucial perspectives on how we’re building the infrastructure for activities like carbon offsetting and biodiversity credit trading. They also tackle questions from our CRC partners.

Why Watch?  You don’t want to miss out on what these experts have to say! Get ready to be inspired by real-world solutions and strategies for a more sustainable future.

What’s Next?  As we build momentum towards our Australian Government funding submission in March 2024, every dialogue and partnership gets us closer to making a meaningful impact on our planet.

Get Involved: If this episode resonates with you, consider expressing your interest in becoming a partner. We have a range of upcoming speakers and topics that promise to be just as inspiring. We welcome your questions and insights as we redefine what it means to be ‘nature positive.’

Thank You: Big thanks to Wendy Mackay and Jay Hender for their insights. Your knowledge is not only shaping this CRC bid but also setting standards for a sustainable and equitable future.

Stay Connected: For more episodes and thought-provoking discussions, stay tuned and let’s make a meaningful impact together!

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