NPECRC Partner Network Community Square Episode 3 – Dr Adrian Ward

October 9, 2023

About this Episode: ūüĆŹ Welcome back to another enriching episode of Nature Positive Economy CRC’s Community Square, hosted by Professor Andy Lowe.¬†

Today we continue our series of Community Squares that address urgent industry challenges and solutions. In this episode, we highlight the importance of standards in developing a nature-positive economy.

The Backbone of Nature-Positive Markets: Our new Community Square Video underscores the critical role that standards play in shaping a nature-positive economy. Dr. Adrian Ward from Accounting for Nature is our esteemed guest for this edition. He discusses how Nature Positive is setting the global standard for measuring the state of nature, which serves as the backbone for building a credible and effective nature-positive market worldwide.

 Special Guest РDr. Adrian Ward: Dr. Adrian Ward brings a wealth of knowledge from Accounting for Nature, an organization specializing in creating transparent, verifiable, and affordable environmental accounting frameworks. He enlightens us on how these frameworks can be instrumental in scaling sustainable activities.

Interactive Session: Towards the end, our CRC partners will be engaging in a Q&A session, adding layers of understanding and making the discussion multidimensional.

Why Watch?  Gain invaluable insights into the world of environmental accounting and learn how establishing standards can revolutionize our approach to ecological and economic sustainability. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of nature-positive economies.

What’s Next? As we ramp up for our Australian Government funding submission in March 2024, each conversation and partnership takes us one step closer to turning our vision of a Nature Positive Economy into a reality.

 Get Involved: If this episode resonated with you, consider becoming a partner in our ground-breaking initiative. Stay connected for more insightful discussions on vital topics. 

Thank You: A big thank you to Dr. Adrian Ward and all our CRC partners for contributing their expertise and perspectives to this enriching discussion.

Accounting for Nature has partnered with Nature Positive CRC: read the full article here 

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