NPECRC Partner Network Community Square Episode 5 – Stu Adam and David Young

December 19, 2023

About this Episode:  Dive into the 5th Community Square meeting of the Nature Positive Economy CRC. This insightful session features guest speakers Stu Adams from Agronomeye and David Young from ARUP, discussing the theme “A Framework for Landowner Empowerment.”

Key Highlights:

  • Stu Adam presents AgTwin, showcasing how digital twins and high-resolution data analytics empower farmers for informed decision-making and sustainable practices.
  • David Young delves into the development of frameworks for nature-based solutions and environmental markets, emphasizing collaboration for better outcomes.
  • The session explores the potential of these innovations in transforming the water industry and overall landscape conservation.

Why Watch:

  • Discover groundbreaking technologies like AgTwin that are changing the landscape of modern farming and environmental management.
  • Gain insights into new frameworks that incentivize environmentally conscious actions and market participation.
  • Engage with thought leaders and fellow partners in an open discussion about the future of landowner empowerment and sustainable resource management.

What’s Next: As we move closer to our funding submission in March 2024, each collaboration and innovative idea propels us towards a Nature Positive Economy.

Get Involved: If you’re passionate about innovative solutions in land management and sustainability, join us as a partner. Stay tuned for more Community Square meetings, where we bring together experts and pioneers in the field.

Thank You: Special thanks to Stu Adams and David Young for their valuable contributions to this important discussion. Their expertise is instrumental in shaping our collective journey towards sustainability and empowerment.

Stay Connected: To watch the full discussion and keep up with future episodes, subscribe to our channel. Together, we’re forging a path towards a sustainable, nature-positive future.

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