NPECRC Partner Network Community Square Episode 8 – Richard Paterson and Louise Edmonds

February 13, 2024

About this Episode: 

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Nature Positive Economy CRC’s Community Square. This engaging session features our newest core partners, Biomass Projects and Carbon Sync, as they share their groundbreaking approaches to environmental conservation and agriculture.

Key Highlights:

  • Richard Paterson from Biomass Projects discusses innovative solutions for converting problematic trees like mesquite into biochar, a strategy that not only rehabilitates land but also contributes to decarbonizing steel production.
  • Louise Edmonds, CEO of Carbon Sync, delves into the decarbonization of agriculture, focusing on cropping and grazing systems, nature repair, ecosystem restoration, and biodiversity through comprehensive data collection and natural capital accounting.
  • Engage in an insightful Q&A with the audience, exploring the potential impacts and achievements of the CRC in driving nature-positive outcomes.

Why Watch: 

  • Learn about pioneering methods for transforming agricultural practices and managing invasive species to support carbon sequestration and soil health.
  • Gain insights into the role of natural capital accounting in enhancing ecosystem services and supporting farmers.
  • Participate in a broader conversation about how the CRC can facilitate meaningful, scalable environmental restoration and economic growth.

What’s Next: 

As we progress with our mission, these partnerships are vital in advancing towards a Nature Positive Economy, offering innovative solutions and collaborative opportunities.

Get Involved:

If you’re driven by the ambition to contribute to sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices, join our community. Keep an eye out for more Community Square meetings where we unite thought leaders and innovators.

 Thank You:

A huge thank you to Richard Paterson and Louise Edmonds for their enlightening presentations and to all participants for their engaging questions. Your expertise and insights are crucial to our shared vision of a sustainable future.

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