Regenco Joins Forces with Nature Positive Economy CRC as Core Partner

December 5, 2023

Introduction: The Stewards of Australian Agriculture

Regenco, inspired by the unwavering stewardship of Australian farmers, has joined forces with Nature Positive Economy CRC as a core partner. This partnership underscores a shared mission: to empower farmers in nurturing the land that nourishes Australia and to steer the agricultural sector towards sustainable, profitable, and resilient practices.


Regenco‘s Mission: Balancing Goals for a Triple Bottom Line

At the heart of Regenco’s efforts is the support of farmers to balance their social, environmental, and financial objectives. This balance is crucial in achieving a strong agricultural triple bottom line, ensuring the sustainability and profitability of farming practices, and contributing to environmental conservation.

Carbon Credits: A Pathway to Diversified Revenue

A key initiative by Regenco is helping landholders diversify income through carbon credits. This approach enhances the natural capital of farms by storing carbon and reducing emissions, all while providing farmers with an additional income stream through the sale of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

Tailoring Solutions for Unique Farming Needs

Regenco’s strategy is characterized by its personalized approach. Each farming project is crafted to meet the specific requirements of individual landholders and their operations, ranging from Human Induced Regeneration (HIR) projects to Beef Cattle Herd Management.

Dr. Tim Moore, Chief of Science & Strategy at RegenCo

Dr. Tim Moore: Leading Science & Strategy at Regenco

Dr. Tim Moore, with nearly two decades of experience in natural resource management, conservation, carbon markets, and agribusiness innovation, serves as Regenco‘s Chief of Science & Strategy. His extensive experience encompasses carbon industry businesses, advisory roles to governments and corporates, and spearheading significant conservation projects across Australia.

Regenco‘s Vision with Nature Positive Economy CRC

Regenco‘s partnership with Nature Positive Economy CRC is a strategic move towards revolutionizing sustainable farming. Their science-driven approach and commitment to innovation align seamlessly with the CRC’s objectives. Together, they aim to develop sustainable solutions for the agricultural sector, setting a global standard in conservation and land management.

A Future of Sustainable Farming

This collaboration between Regenco and Nature Positive Economy CRC marks a significant step towards a future where Australian agriculture is not only environmentally sustainable but also economically viable and socially responsible.

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