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Program 1

Pathways to Transition


Create strategic pathways for Australia’s industries, natural capital sector and community to transition to nature positive, and prioritise the opportunity for nature market investment.


  • Develop a Theory of Change of how Australia can transition to nature positive
  • Develop a National Nature Positive Transition Roadmap across all industry sectors, starting with the key industry sectors of CRC partners: agriculture, water, resources, urban development & construction, finance
  • Enable the curation of public and private data to underpin research and analysis, including a data market to enable access to privately held data
  • Develop ‘Nature-GPT’ by using the latest advances in large language models to provide CRC and its stakeholders with easy retrieval of publicly available insights and underlying data.

Program 2

Assessment and Delivery


Create and optimise trusted tools to accelerate scientifically-robust, scalable, cost-effective tools and technologies needed for impact assessment, verification and delivery.


  • Understand and prioritise how biodiversity assessments can best be done
  • Understand and prioritise the units of nature we want to measure
  • Develop novel, cost-effective technologies for restoring and maintaining ecosystems at landscape scales
  • Develop novel, cost-effective methods and technologies for delivering nature maintenance and repair at landscape scales.

Program 3

Financial Demand and Products


Develop the trusted information and data needed to design and develop new financial products that can finance & share the risks as industries, organisations & communities transition to a nature positive economy. In particular, financial partners want assurance that what they are funding is really green and not just greenwashing.


  • Understand likely market demand for financial products for the nature positive economy
  • Develop and design the criteria for new, trusted, nature positive financial products underpinned by relevant data and information
  • Develop asset pricing and risk quantification models to underpin financial products
  • Develop rules for a digital ledger to track nature assets over time.

Program 4

Scaling up the Nature Industry


Develop an ‘Arena for Nature’ by building investment and delivery cases for up to 30 Flagship Projects that will deliver nature outcomes, attract investment and participation, demonstrate buy-in from land and sea custodians (including relevant Indigenous partners), and be piloted and tested at scale using outputs from the other 3 programs.


  • Test new frameworks, systems and tools developed in Programs 1-3 at scale
  • Develop and trial large-scale ‘Flagship’ restoration projects across terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems
  • On Flagship Projects, test low-cost restoration tools, measurement and monitoring tools, prediction tools, digital ledgers, and financial products to iterate and improve these tools
  • Design and test new business models for the funding and delivery of large-scale restoration projects.

Commercialisable Outputs

  • Strategic planning tools and business models for businesses and industry sectors to transition to nature positive
  • New integrated economic/biophysical models to give investors and Custodians trust in nature transition pathways
  • New proprietary data and digital products that inform planning and delivery, including a data exchange and nature AI foundation model
  • New trusted measurement and reporting systems for more cost effective and transparent reporting of nature repair activities
  • New low cost delivery methods for scaling up nature repair
  • Optimised financial products to support nature positive markets and attract investment
  • Arena for Nature: 30 Flagship Projects ($1M – $100M+ each) scoped and piloted, with finance attracted and partners aligned, ready to delivery nature outcomes at scale
  • A new generation of leaders highly competent in applying these new tools and systems
  • Special Purpose Vehicle to administer IP and a Venture Fund to invest/co-invest in commercial opportunities

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