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Program 1

Project Identification

Where are the large, transformational projects that can help achieve targets and which need investment?

Research Activities

  • New modelling tools for identifying and assessing the potential carbon and biodiversity impacts of large transformational projects
  • New engagement tools for linking potential investors with appropriate project proponents and communities

Expected Commercial Outputs

  • Maps, projected impacts, costings and identified stakeholders for potential projects, with assessments of cost-savings and environmental value

Program 2

Measuring nature

What tools and standards are needed for nature positive markets, how do we remove greenwashing and what is needed to drive a nature positive digital transformation?

Research Activities

  • AI/machine learning and computer vision
  • Remote sensing
  • Environmental monitoring, forecasting
  • Biodiversity science
  • Modelling
  • Platforms and sensors, algorithms, Internet of things (IoT), improved connectivity (allowing inclusion of remote areas)

Expected Commercial Outputs

  • Tools to measure carbon credits (carbon stock change) (AI/machine learning)
  • Tools to measure biodiversity credits and baselines (remote sensing)
  • Single biodiversity equivalent method
  • Tools for other nature-related industries
  • Change detection services (methods, forecasting potential)
  • Platforms and sensors, algorithms, IoT, connectivity

Program 3

Green Financing and Markets

What are the financial products and market frameworks needed to de-risk this transition and what are the digital exchange and auditing mechanisms needed to support them?

Research Activities

  • Financial engineering – quantitative analyses involving applied mathematics, statistics, computer science, financial theory, and economics
  • Exchange development
  • Verification framework

Expected Commercial Outputs

  • Multiple new exchanges for trading credits and support platforms
  • Improved and extended Australian Carbon Credit Unit (CCU) market
  • Creating a carbon capture and storage (CCS) market – trading space in CCS reservoirs
  • Credit system for methane emissions and hydrogen trading
  • New financial and insurance products, green credential loans, and industry-led policy frameworks (code of conduct)
  • Data digital ledgers and certification/verification check points

Program 4

Accelerating the Transition

What do optimal pathways looks like for this transition, what are the barriers to change and how do we ensure that the new nature positive economy is profitable and globally competitive?

Research Activities

  • Barriers to change – behavioural and structural (markets insights and consumer methods)

  • Case studies for partners and sectors to profitably decarbonise

  • Case studies for partners and sectors to profitably move to biodiversity positive systems

  • Predictive analytics and modelling, including data mining and machine learning

  • Sectoral behavioural change: communication, engagement and community science/social licence

Expected Commercial Outputs

  • Fully formed strategy and policy
  • Advisory services (predictions, forecasting etc)
  • Communication products
  • Overcoming barriers to create:
    • New and diversified income streams from carbon and biodiversity trading
    • Maintenance of access to international markets that require positive Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) profiles e.g. European Union
    • Internal efficiencies by adopting nature positive systems and preferred employer status for increasingly discerning employees

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We are in the consultation phase and seeking your feedback on the key elements of success for a national, translational research centre that supports Australia’s transition to a nature positive economy.

During bid development, we will be seeking partners to provide a commitment of intent to engage with and support this CRC.

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