Spotlight on Partnership: University of Queensland & Nature Positive Economy CRC

March 8, 2024

The University of Queensland (UQ), recognized globally within the top 50 universities, has solidified its partnership with the Nature Positive Economy CRC, contributing significantly to advancing a sustainable future through impactful research and collaboration. UQ is renowned for tackling the most pressing global challenges and delivering knowledge leadership for a better world, with research efforts focused on making tangible impacts on complex and critical issues.


Meet the Team: Featuring Professor Eve McDonald-Madden

🌱 Professor Eve McDonald-Madden, a pivotal figure in environmental management at UQ, stands at the forefront of the partnership. As an ARC Research Fellow in the School of Environment and a Chief Investigator in the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science with a rich history in environmental decisions and biodiversity conservation, her work aims to enhance decision-making processes in environmental systems marked by inherent complexity.

With a keen interest in Decision Theory and its application to environmental issues, Professor McDonald-Madden’s research group employs innovative techniques from various fields, such as artificial intelligence and economic theory, to navigate the complexities and uncertainties of environmental decision-making. Her focus extends across diverse areas of conservation, including species management, conservation planning, and the integration of ecosystem services into decision frameworks.

Motivation Behind UQ’s Partnership

The University of Queensland‘s commitment to transitioning to a nature-positive economy aligns perfectly with the CRC’s mission. UQ brings a wealth of expertise in environmental research and policy, aiming to contribute to sustainable outcomes that balance economic growth with nature repair. The partnership with the Nature Positive Economy CRC enables UQ to apply its research excellence to real-world challenges, driving innovative solutions for industry and societal benefits.


Looking Forward: Excitement and Expectations

Professor McDonald-Madden expresses enthusiasm about the collaborative journey ahead with the Nature Positive Economy CRC. The opportunity to translate cutting-edge research into actionable strategies and tools for industries signifies a crucial step towards achieving tangible, nature-positive outcomes. The diversity of ideas and the commitment to innovation shared among partners underscore the potential for groundbreaking advancements in environmental policy and practice.

As the partnership progresses, the combined efforts of UQ and the Nature Positive Economy CRC promise to deliver strategic insights and a robust framework for industries to embrace a nature-positive future, underscored by a commitment to sustainability and the well-being of both people and the planet.

Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative collaboration and the impactful changes it aims to create in the pursuit of a sustainable, nature-positive economy.

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