Spotlight on Third Party Supporter: Subak Australia Joins Forces with the Nature Positive Economy CRC

March 19, 2024

Subak Australia, renowned for its visionary approach to addressing climate challenges, has become a third party supporter of the Nature Positive Economy CRC. With a commitment to fostering sustainable and resilient ecosystems globally, Subak Australia leverages collaborative efforts to accelerate innovative solutions for climate change. Through a diverse community of not-for-profit members across the Asia-Pacific region, Subak catalyses its network of change-makers to share data openly and so speed up sustainable practices for the well-being of our planet.

Subak Australiais more than just focused on climate action. Its dynamic community is committed to driving transformative change for a sustainable and resilient future. At its core its mission underscores the importance of scaling and accelerating a global ecosystem of NFP organisations and individuals working on environmental sustainability to ensure systemic change for our most critical climate and nature-based challenges.

Meet Chris Wilson, Founder and Executive Director

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson, the driving force behind Subak Australia‘s inception in 2021, brings a wealth of experience as an advisor and former Deloitte Partner. With a career dedicated to technology and digital-driven innovation, he now focuses on impact and purpose-driven companies working in climate and nature repair. Chris’s expertise in solving complex problems with technology and data, coupled with his roles as a founder, director, advisor, and investor in various startups and nonprofits, makes him an invaluable asset to the climate action community.

Why Subak Supports the Nature Positive Economy CRC

Subak Australia‘s foundational principles align seamlessly with the goals of the Nature Positive Economy CRC. Believing in the power of policy, mass consumer change, a strong non-profit sector, and collaboration, Subak views its support of the CRC as a natural extension of its mission. By joining forces, Subak aims to enhance its ability to achieve commercial, environmental, and social success through collaborative impact, using data and insights to drive change.

Exciting Prospects with the Nature Positive Economy CRC

Subak Australia is particularly enthusiastic about the CRC’s focus on data, research, and insights. The opportunity to use strategic insights for designing transformative projects and to influence policymakers aligns with Subak‘s vision. The emphasis on broad participation, digital tools, and finance innovation presents an urgent need to develop new pathways for investment in climate and nature positive solutions. Subak looks forward to contributing to the design of these pathways, ensuring they meet the requirements of the green economy.

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