The University of Western Australia Joins Forces with Nature Positive Economy CRC

March 15, 2024

The University of Western Australia (UWA), renowned for its commitment to excellence and enterprise, has become a vital partner in the Nature Positive Economy CRC. With its standing as one of the globe’s elite research-intensive universities—ranking 72nd in the QS 2023 World University Rankings—UWA brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the collaborative effort aiming to foster a sustainable, nature-positive future.


Why UWA Joined the Nature Positive Economy CRC


Western Australia, with its vast landscapes, major industries, and exceptional biodiversity, presents a unique opportunity to pivot towards a nature-positive future. UWA ‘s researchers are eager to collaborate with industry partners within the CRC to spearhead large-scale restoration projects across the state, leveraging Western Australia’s unique environmental attributes for global benefit.


What Excites UWA About the CRC


UWA is particularly thrilled to contribute its expertise in coastal and marine environments, through the Oceans Institute’s pioneering work in marine ecology and habitat restoration. Furthermore, researchers from the Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy are poised to apply their knowledge in ecosystem services valuation, market design, and decision-making frameworks, aiming for impactful nature-positive outcomes.


Meet the UWA Team

Associate Professor Nicki Mitchell: A leader in the study of threatened vertebrates’ adaptability to environmental change, Nicki Mitchell’s research focuses on the biology of species like sea turtles and terrestrial-breeding frogs. Her innovative work includes ‘assisted colonisation’ projects for species like the western swamp turtle, aiming to secure their future amidst climate change challenges.

Dr. Claire Doll: As a Research Fellow at the UWA Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy, Dr. Claire Doll specialises in non-market valuation and benefit-cost analysis. Her work, which spans urban biodiversity, water scarcity, and renewable energy, underlines her commitment to applying economic tools for environmental management and policy-making solutions.

A Collaborative Future

The partnership between UWA and the Nature Positive Economy CRC heralds a new chapter in the journey towards a more sustainable world. By harnessing the collective strengths of academia, industry, and government, this collaboration aims to develop innovative solutions that reconcile economic development with the imperative of environmental conservation.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting collaboration, as UWA and the Nature Positive Economy CRC work together to shape a nature-positive future.

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