UTS Strengthens Nature Positive Economy CRC with Key Researchers

February 21, 2024


We’re proud to announce the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) as a partner in the Nature Positive Economy CRC, contributing a team of leading researchers to our collective mission. Ranked #90 worldwide, UTS merges creativity with technology, driving impactful research in future industries, and sustainability.


Why UTS Joined Us

Aligned with the CRC’s vision, UTS sees the transition to a nature-positive economy as integral to its climate and sustainability agenda. The university’s decision to provide top researchers underscores its commitment to influencing change and fostering innovation through research excellence and capacity building.


What Excites UTS About This Partnership?

The university is eager to contribute its vast transdisciplinary expertise across all CRC research themes, especially looking forward to collaborating with industry partners on solutions to achieve a nature-positive economy.


Meet a key UTS Researcher to this CRC

Professor Martina Linnenluecke

Professor Martina Linnenluecke, head of the Centre for Climate Risk and Resilience at UTS, is an internationally recognized scholar in the field of corporate adaptation and resilience to climate change. Her work covers a broad spectrum, including sustainable finance, climate policy, and the impacts of climate change on businesses and markets. Martina’s leadership has been pivotal in advancing research on climate adaptation strategies, contributing to over 100 academic publications. Her role in significant research projects and contributions to the IPCC report highlights her expertise and commitment to addressing climate challenges. At UTS, she continues to lead initiatives aimed at decarbonizing the economy and enhancing organisational resilience to climate change.

Distinguished members from UTS are set to bring a wealth of knowledge, innovative research, and strategic insights to the Nature Positive Economy CRC, furthering our mission to transition Australia to a nature positive economy through collaborative and impactful research.

A Shared Vision for a Sustainable Future

This collaboration between UTS including Prof Chris Riedy, Research Directors Ms Alison Atherton and Mr Gordon Noble, Ms Karin Kobelentz, Dr Stuart Martin and more and the Nature Positive Economy CRC is a powerful step towards our shared goal of a sustainable, nature-positive future. Together, we aim to leverage UTS‘s innovative research and expertise to contribute significantly to Australia’s sustainability efforts.

Stay tuned for updates on our joint initiatives and the impactful changes we aim to create together.

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