Water Research Australia Joins Forces with Nature Positive Economy CRC: Pioneering Sustainable Water Solutions

March 8, 2024

We’re excited to spotlight Water Research Australia (WaterRA) as a partner with the Nature Positive Economy CRC, marking a pivotal union aimed at enhancing sustainable water management and conservation efforts across Australia. This collaboration showcases WaterRA’s long-standing commitment to fostering healthy communities and a healthy planet through scientific innovation and wisdom in water science.


Visionary Leadership and Collaboration


At the core of WaterRA‘s mission is the drive to deliver collaborative water research, innovation, and capability building that not only supports public health but also safeguards the sustainability of our water resources. The organisation excels in amalgamating expertise and resources from various sectors — including utilities, universities, government agencies, and private companies — to create trusted, actionable water research and solutions.


Strategic Research Management


WaterRA‘s holistic approach to research management is designed to maximise the value and impact of water sector research projects. By employing the Good Practice Research Lifecycle, WaterRA ensures that each project phase, from creation to implementation, is guided towards achieving maximum value for its members.


Meet the WaterRA Team

Leading WaterRA‘s initiatives are two esteemed professionals:

Jacqueline Frizenschaf, General Manager Research Services, brings over 25 years of experience in water resources and water quality management. Her career spans research assistance at universities, consulting, and significant roles in government and utility sectors. Jacqueline is passionate about solving complex water resource issues to benefit communities through secure water sources and safe drinking water.

Karen Rouse, CEO of WaterRA, offers more than 20 years of experience in water sector leadership, including water resource and environmental management, and strategic planning within utilities. A fervent advocate for collaboration, Karen has been instrumental in leading research initiatives and achieving net positive environmental outcomes for the water sector.

A Mutual Commitment to a Sustainable Future

WaterRA‘s decision to join the Nature Positive Economy CRC stems from a shared dedication to enhancing liveability and sustainability through strategic environmental stewardship. As a significant voice and supporter of the water industry, WaterRA is poised to contribute its unique insights and expertise to the CRC’s endeavours.

Looking Ahead: Exciting Opportunities

WaterRA is particularly enthused about exploring and scaling catchment scale nature markets, reducing restoration costs, and enhancing standards for consistent, trustworthy investment in nature-based solutions. The organisation looks forward to facilitating large-scale projects that demonstrate the viability and potential for rapid expansion in the restoration economy.

This partnership represents a strategic step towards integrating water sector knowledge and resources into the broader mission of the Nature Positive Economy CRC. Together, WaterRA and the CRC are set to embark on transformative projects that will not only benefit the water sector but also contribute significantly to the environmental, economic, and social wellbeing of communities across Australia.

Stay tuned as we continue to highlight the impactful work and collaborative efforts stemming from this exciting partnership.

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