Welcoming Biomass Projects: A New Core Partner for Nature Positive Economy CRC

January 11, 2024

We’re excited to announce Biomass Projects as a new core partner of Nature Positive Economy CRC. This partnership represents a significant step forward in our collective effort to foster sustainable environmental practices and landscape rehabilitation in Australia.


Biomass Projects: Pioneering a Sustainable Future


Biomass Projects is set to become Australia’s largest biomass to carbon project developer, focusing on transforming woody weeds into an economic opportunity. Their innovative approach doesn’t just rely on the productivity increases from land post-weed removal but creates value in the removal process itself. This strategy is crucial in establishing sustainable nature repair projects since the removal of weeds for agricultural production often doesn’t occur due to high costs.


Innovative Solutions and Economic Opportunities


Their engineered solutions, including the use of biochar in soil, are designed to capitalise on decarbonisation and carbon removal opportunities, and now, with the advent of the Nature Repair market, these solutions will help in both weed removal and environmental rehabilitation. Biomass Projects aims to create a viable economic model for the removal of invasive species, thereby contributing to the restoration of natural landscapes.


Collaborative Efforts with Nature Positive Economy CRC


Biomass Projects’ collaboration with the Nature Repair CRC will focus on developing comprehensive models for nature repair that can be implemented nationwide. They aim to create significant, tangible impacts through this collaboration. Their participation spans all four programs of the CRC, including opportunity identification, technology and tool development for biodiversity assessment, business and financial modeling, and project funding and financing.

Meet the Team

Founded by Richard Paterson, a visionary in Northern Australia carbon capture and land restoration opportunities, Biomass Projects is on a mission to make a scalable impact on climate change through Biomass Carbon Removal. Richard has an extensive background in managing commercial agricultural projects, including in his role as GM of Northern Pastoral Management. He has more than decade of experience working with Traditional Owners in the Pilbara and Kimberley regions, and negotiating joint ventures, partnerships, ILUAS, and employment outcomes in mining, agriculture, and supporting industries.

Mr. Richard Paterson said: “The new chapter in the nature repair market is an exciting one, as we see international and local alignment between environment, regulatory, government, and institutional investors for the first time. Australia is uniquely placed to contribute to these efforts, while restoring our own lands. Biomass Projects looks forward to working with the CRC and the broader industry in initiating a supply chain at a scale not seen before worldwide, with mutually beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders.”

Building Tangible Outcomes and Sustainable Futures

Biomass Projects is committed to working closely with the CRC and its partners to develop real, impactful projects, technologies, and business models. Their involvement is expected to leverage and sustain the CRC’s efforts in the long term, ensuring enduring impact and lasting change.

This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission at Nature Positive Economy CRC, as we endeavor to create a future where nature restoration and economic viability go hand in hand. Stay tuned for more updates on our collaborative efforts with Biomass Projects and other partners.

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