Greening Australia Joins Forces with Nature Positive Economy CRC: A Union for Conservation and Sustainability

December 14, 2023

We are excited to welcome Greening Australia as a partner in the Nature Positive Economy CRC. This partnership marks a significant stride in our collective journey towards restoring Australia’s diverse landscapes and protecting its rich biodiversity.

Greening Australia’s Mission:

As a national not-for-profit and independent environmental enterprise, Greening Australia is dedicated to solving complex environmental problems through on-ground restoration. Their mission to create healthy, productive landscapes aligns seamlessly with our goals at Nature Positive Economy CRC.

Nature-Based Solutions:

Greening Australia brings innovative nature-based solutions that unite landholders with both public and private funders. This approach is pivotal in tackling biodiversity loss and climate change, and it underpins their commitment to developing science-led, investible solutions that can be applied at a landscape scale for measurable impact.

Collaborative Approach:

With projects across Australia, Greening Australia employs a science-led, collaborative strategy. Their solutions focus on restoration, biodiversity, seed science, water quality, and carbon sequestration, addressing the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Motivation for Partnership:

Greening Australia’s decision to join Nature Positive Economy CRC is driven by the urgency to address climate change and biodiversity loss. They see the ‘Nature Positive’ concept as crucial to directing impactful environmental action and filling critical knowledge gaps in market-driven restoration.

Excitement and Expectations:

Greening Australia is enthusiastic about ensuring the supply side of ‘Nature Positive’ outcomes develops with a focus on impact, integrity, and pragmatism. Their vast experience and nationwide projects, combined with the research capability of CRC partners, promise a collective approach to execute research actions for positive environmental change.

Blair Parsons – General manager of Science and Design at Greening Australia

Meet Blair Parsons, General Manager of Science and Design:

Blair Parsons, with a PhD in Zoology and over two decades of experience in ecological research and consultancy, leads Greening Australia’s team of experts. His passion for science-based restoration is integral to Greening Australia’s efforts in generating benefits for biodiversity, people, and productivity. Blair’s expertise spans landscape and restoration ecology, biodiversity offsets, and spatial ecology, making him a pivotal figure in advancing Greening Australia’s environmental initiatives.


The partnership between Greening Australia and Nature Positive Economy CRC heralds a new era of collaboration and innovation in environmental restoration. Together, we look forward to making substantial advances in ecological restoration and contributing to a sustainable and thriving natural environment.

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