Welcoming WWF-Australia as a Partner of Nature Positive Economy CRC

November 29, 2023

We at Nature Positive Economy CRC are thrilled to announce our new core partnership with WWF-Australia, a significant collaboration that highlights our shared commitment to pioneering research in conservation economics and sustainable development.

A Shared Vision for a Nature-Positive Future

The decision by WWF-Australia to join forces with us stems from the unique opportunity we provide in conducting practical and innovative research. This partnership is motivated by our aligned goals, especially in the realms of quantifying nature and establishing green financial frameworks. These areas are critical in driving the transition towards an economy that fundamentally values and enhances nature.

WWF-Australia’s Invaluable Contribution

WWF-Australia brings a wealth of experience in environmental conservation, partnering with diverse stakeholders to address pressing ecological issues. Their work, deeply rooted in science and spanning a global reach, aims to create a harmonious coexistence between people and nature.

From supporting koalas and restoring significant tracts of land to spearheading renewable energy transitions, WWF-Australia’s programs embody the essence of sustainability and regeneration. Their involvement with Nature Positive Economy CRC is set to amplify our impact and drive forward our shared goals.

Dermot O’Gorman, CEO at WWF Australia

Leadership and Innovation

At the helm of WWF-Australia is CEO Dermot O’Gorman, a leader with a rich history in the WWF Network. Dermot’s focus on innovation and his expertise in navigating the challenges of our evolving world are pivotal as we forge a path towards sustainable development. His recent academic pursuits at Stanford University’s Digital Civil Society Lab underscore his commitment to exploring new frontiers in environmental conservation.

Looking Ahead

This partnership represents more than a collaboration; it’s a union of vision and effort towards a sustainable, nature-positive future. The initiatives and research fostered by this partnership are expected to make significant strides in conservation economics, an essential component of our mission at Nature Positive Economy CRC.

We’re excited to embark on this journey with WWF-Australia, driven by a shared passion for a world where nature is not just preserved but thrives alongside human prosperity.

Join us as we welcome WWF-Australia to our collaborative endeavor. Together, we are set to make meaningful strides towards a sustainable and nature-positive future.

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